Sunday, April 22, 2007

People I Hate

With Wyatt in Disney, I'm sure he will come back with a Central-Florida themed PIH segment. Until then, here are a couple people that I cannot stand.

The Guy Who Prompted The Weber Grill Company to Affix a Warning to Not Operate the Grill Indoors
As I fired up the grill to do some cedar plank grilling of some Salmon. Hey, after all it's Earth Day and I wanted to taste a little of what she had to offer. Well back to the grill. I noticed that the grill had a warning that read "grill is for outdoor use only".
I don't want to know about the lawsuit that prompted them to create that warning sticker. However, I'd like to meet the guy who thought it was a good idea to wheel the grill inside in the first place. Did the steaks come out nice or did the house burn down before they were done?

Joe Morgan
I love baseball and I love watching the New York-Boston series. However if Joe Morgan is the announcer, I'd rather listen to NPR's broadcast of the game. Tonight, ESPN brought in the feed from a set of Japanese announcers, one was a man and one was a female. It was really obvious, however Joe had to open his mouth and let this bit of info drop out.

"One was a man and obviously the other was a woman".

My brain is still trying to get that stupid statement out of my head, but I cannot shake it. As you can tell because I'm missing the game so I can post about it and this is only making me think about that comment even more. Damn you Joe Morgan! One day when I'm on my deathbed, I'll probably see Jesus...some light and that comment will still be bugging the hell out of me. Why did he say that? Why?

You know what? I bet Joe Morgan likes to grill steaks....indoors.

I also hate the Boston Red Sox.

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