Monday, May 05, 2008

Ed Rendell: The Paris Hilton Of Politics

What? Find me a bigger whore. Go ahead, I'll wait.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Gov. Ed Rendell used the occasion of a memorial service for police officers who died in the line of duty to urge lawmakers to enact gun laws giving law enforcement greater protection.

Rendell said Monday the Legislature should "suck it in, do the right thing" and pass laws to curb gun violence.

He was among those who addressed the 15th annual memorial service of the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police. The ceremony outside the state Capitol honored four officers, including three who died last year.

Rendell and others noted that on Saturday, Philadelphia Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, became the latest of about 700 officers to die in the line of duty in Pennsylvania when he was shot while responding to a bank robbery.

The governor said in the 1990s there was a ban on the import of assault weapons into the United States, but Congress let that ban lapse in 2004. (H/T - NBC10)

Way to go, Ed. Manipulate the assassination of a police officer to score political points.

Of course, this is not unexpected, since Sergeant Liczbinski was one of hundreds of Philadelphia police officers whose salary was slashed by thousands of dollars so you could balance the city budget. In your years as mayor - and now governor - you have done little to nothing to benefit the police officers of Philadelphia, and even less for the police officers of your state. Yet you see fit to sit at the front of the church when one of us is gunned down in order to look good for the cameras. Meanwhile, the officers who proudly served with heroes like Chuck Cassidy were herded out of the Basilica like so many cattle. I imagine the funeral for Sergeant Liczbinski will be much of the same from you and your despicable politician friends. You sir, are a true piece of garbage.

Let me 'splain something to you and your idiotic minions:


What do you think happened on Saturday morning? Did you think the rifle stood on its end, hopped to the bank, robbed it all by itself, and then fatally shot Sergeant Liczbinski on its own? Someone had to pull the trigger, genius! And that someone was a scumbag with multiple arrests for violent crimes.

Maybe if your judges would impose the appropriate sentences for violent crimes and firearms violations, these thugs wouldn't be preying on our citizens and police officers.

Maybe if you would carry out the death penalty more than once a decade, criminals would find a deterrent in its sentence.

Maybe if you would do your job and stop the political posturing, we could hire more officers to patrol the streets properly.

Of course, this will never happen, because you couldn't care less about the people who protect this state from scumbags like Eric Floyd and Jevon Warner.

(Sebastian offers his more reasoned, less emotional comments on this story HERE.)

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