Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fifteen Philly Police Officers Taken Off Street

So much for innocent until proven guilty. I guess politicians are the only ones who get the benefit of the doubt in this town.

PHILADELPHIA - More than a dozen police officers will be taken off the street as authorities investigate a video showing three suspects being kicked, punched and beaten after they were pulled out of a car during a traffic stop, the mayor's office said.

"At a glance it does appear to be a bit beyond the pale," said Doug Oliver, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Nutter. "Officers are not allowed to operate outside of the law."

The police department believes about 15 officers were involved in Monday night's arrests in the city's Hunting Park section, where police had been investigating a triple shooting, Oliver said. Some have already been taken off the street, while others still need to be identified, he said.

The three suspects were charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment, according to court officials.

Oliver said that, while the use of force appeared excessive, the public should withhold judgment until all the facts are known.

"We are not going to prejudge the situation based on the video," he said. "We all saw the video, but none of us was there."

Remember this quote when you read the next one . . .

"One way or the other, everyone associated with this will be taken off the street," Oliver said. "The officers involved in this incident will be reassigned." (H/T - AP via Yahoo!)

Strangely enough, there has already been one supervisor reassigned over this, and the investigation is barely underway.

The thing that really grinds my gears is that just this morning Commissioner Ramsey was on the local news stating that there will be a full investigation and that no one should rush to judgment. I guess Chief Wiggum doesn't take his own advice.

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