Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Toad's Mommy Cries Police Brutality

Because, as we all know, her little angel never did anything wrong to anyone.

PHILADELPHIA -- The actions of some Philadelphia police officers are being scrutinized in the days following Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski's killing.

It's all because of video shot by a news helicopter as police arrested three men Monday night.

Several officers can be seen beating the suspects as they apprehend them.

Oh, well if the venerable Maurice "Harry" Hairston thinks this is an open and shut case, who are we to argue? After all, he always gives Philadelphia police officers a fair shake. /Snark.

Police chased the car down just after 10 p.m. Monday. The men inside were suspected in a shooting. But what happened outside the vehicle had some outraged Tuesday, NBC 10's Harry Hairston reported.

"I just can't express to you what I feel inside as a mother to see my son brutally beat like that," said Leomia Dyches.

Ya know, maybe if you took the time to whoop your criminal scumbag son's ass when he was growing up, he wouldn't spend his free time shooting people. I'm just sayin'.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said Tuesday that the officers involved in the incident have been taken off the streets pending the outcome of an investigation to determine if their emotions over one of their own being killed over the weekend led to use of excessive force.

But Ramsey also said the pictures don't tell the whole story.

Of course they don't. They never do, and the Philly media rarely gives the PPD the benefit of the doubt. But, when one of our own is murdered, they pretend like they give a rat's ass.

"Some of our NET team officers -- that's the Narcotics Enforcement Team -- from the 25th District were on a surveillance at 4th and Ansbury," Ramsey said. Ramsey said the officers were working a on a murder investigation when the suspects suddenly pulled up in their car.

"Four individuals got out and they walked up to a group that was standing on the corner. One of those individuals opened fire and shot three individuals on the corner of 4th and Ansbury while the officers were watching this," Ramsey said.

But wait: I thought these three scholars were victims of a racist police system? They were just out for a leisurely drive feeding the homeless and washing the feet of crack whores, right?

Police said the gunman ran away and was still on the loose Tuesday afternoon. The three later caught in the car were charged with aggravated assault.

According to court records obtained by NBC 10 News, one suspect, Dwayne Dyches, has a criminal history that includes convictions on firearms, drugs and driving under the influence. Ramsey said the other suspects also have priors, but he added that their criminal history has nothing to do with police arrest procedures.

Oh, how interesting. I see that Leomia - if that is her real name - neglected to mention her baby's extensive criminal history to Mr. Hairston. Must have been an honest mistake on her part.

Ramsey said he does not want to make any excuses for what appears to have happened on the tape. But he did want to remind everyone that many officers are emotionally drained and under a great deal of stress. (H/T - NBC10)

There seems to be no excuse for what is seen on the video - at first glance - but I have to agree with the commish: rushing to judgment is irresponsible. Personally, I would give the officers a little more leeway, considering a fellow officer was murdered two days prior to this incident. The information received was that the offenders in the car were just involved in a triple shooting, and the officers had every reason to believe that the men were armed.

Of course, in Maurice Hairston and Leomia Dyche's world, it would have been better if the officers showed some restraint - and were shot dead in the process.

In my opinion, the officers showed great restraint here: none of the offenders were killed.

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