Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hate Mail O' The Week

It’s not easy being a highly successful blog professional. Just ask Sebastian. However, even terribly ineffective hack bloggers like myself sometimes garner a little hate mail. The mail bag is usually filled after a police officer dies in the line of duty. Like clockwork, all of the cop-hating toads and thugs come out of the woodwork and think their ignorant comments will be posted here.

They won’t.

However, once in a great while, an a-hole writes a comment that is so mind-numbingly funny that it qualifies for its own post in my Hate Mail category. (And yes, I find hate mail and veiled threats from morons very funny.) This comment from a moron in Worcester, Massachusetts – go figure – made the list. I will proudly reprint it here – edited only for sentence enhancers, not for misspelling – for your edification. Bon apetit.

I think cops should be killed also. I would never do it but every time I hear about some gun nut with a bullsh*t badge getting killed, I also rejoice:) They never do justice. Cops just create more suffering and enforce the ideals of the rich. American police are one of America’s worst problems. They lie in court and get away with doing whatever they want.

And why would the man in this video be facing charges? That is freedom of speech you facing fascist pigs. He can say whatever he wants as long as he is not hurting anyone. I hope the cop that writes this site gets shot right in the ball-sack and then in the head, along with all the fascist pigs that are with this f**k.

F**kin pig ass pig.

Okay, first of all, I do not enforce the ideals of the rich. Since my promotion, I AM THE RICH! Boy, if this toad knew how much overtime I made arresting and processing thugs like him and his family, it would make his empty head spin.

Secondly, I don’t lie in court – except when I tell a defense attorney that his or her client deserves a second chance. The beauty of my job is that I just submit a confession – and I get a lot of them – with signatures from the idiot criminals attached. It’s much more fulfilling when these rocket scientists hang themselves with their own words.

Finally, shooting me in the ball sack – that is not hyphenated, Mr Dickens – would be useless. I got snipped in July. Besides, I’m Irish: You would need a Marine sniper to score a direct hit there, anyway. Heh.

This anonymous brain surgeon was commenting on a previous post (Philly Man Posts How To Kill A Cop Video) and expected me to let it through the Idiot Detector. Nice try, douche. I probably would have let it through – and given him the freedom to comment here with impunity – if he used his real name. Of course, he did not, so he goes away now.

He did, however, attach his e-mail address. It is sailorpretty2002@yahoo.com in case anyone wants to thank him for the entertainment.

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