Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hate Mail O' The Week

I swear, I get the best hate mail ever. This blog will probably never reach the status of an Ace of Spades, but Ace probably doesn’t get as much amusing hate mail – and it’s all wrought full o’ grammatical errors.

This racist piece of bile-filled filth comes to us from someone called “Don’t Worry Bout It” in fabulous, sunny Brooklyn, New York. He was upset because of this post, where a Pro-Palestinian Rally in New York City turned violent. Go figure. Seven NYPD officers were hurt, and naturally, I blasted the scum involved.

Guess whose side “Don’t Worry Bout It” is on? Here is his comment, published exactly as written. Enjoy!

R u fucking kidding me! I was there. It wasn’t at all like that. The nypd is full of shit. They don’t noe wat they saying. A cop pushed a protester. The protester told him off so the cop hot in his face and started pushing him more. The other 8 protester went to pull the other guy away when the police started to use force and arrest them. The cops think their above the law and could do w/e they want. But they never arrested the Zionist that spit in the ladies face or hit people so he can get a picture of the palestianians being ‘violent’. It never stops amazing me how SOME Americans can be influenced by the media to belive such bullshit! And if ur wondering how ‘terroist’ and ‘unpeacfull’ the palestianians r and how ‘civilized’ and ‘victimized’ the israelies r check it out in an AMERICAN website ifAmericansknew.org

You may want to read it again. Like when you see a really good sci-fi film, you want to see it again to see what you missed the first time. I’ll wait . . .

And we’re back! I have a few comments here:

1. I checked out the website this tool promoted at the end of the rant. It is an anti-Semitic abomination, chock full of “accurate” statistics from the Palestine Red Crescent Society and the United Nations.

2. “They don’t noe what they saying.” That is exactly how this dope wrote that sentence. It is pure, unadulterated comedy gold!

3. This original post was written in January. Why does it take these morons six months to find a post and send hate mail about it? Come on, trolls, get current!

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