Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hate Mail O' The Week

This lovely piece of award-winning literature comes to us via “Robin.” She is angry at my post about tennis star Dinara Safina. A post that was published eight months ago. Apparently, she is not exactly “current” on her reading . . . and she is a big, big Serena Williams fan.

She must be the only one.

Here is her comment, complete and unedited for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Haters okay so what if you don’t like Serena but for you to call her a pampered scumbag is extreme. I see that it took Serena what an hour to win the Australian Open. For the haters you are just made because you will never be a great athlete as Serena. I have seen crybabies in the tennis game and there names are Safina and Jankovic.

Wow. First of all, Robin should become familiar with my friend, the comma. Second, there is a new thing out called a question mark. I think Dr. Evil’s father invented that one. And finally, I am not “made” because I “will never be a great athlete as Serena.”

I am “made” because she is 100 times more manly than I will ever be.

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