Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hate Mail O' The Week

It really disappoints me to admit that it has been a very long time since I received any decent hate mail. Thankfully, “”Bubba” rectified that problem with a comment that was the perfect mix of terrible grammar, liberal hypocrisy, and galactic stupidity.

If Bubba has any redeeming value it’s that unlike most of my hate-filled lunatics, this guy had the courtesy to address a post that was a mere 22 days old – the arrest of Chris Matthews’ brother.

With that, here is Bubba’s unedited comment. You may want to get the duct tape.

how’s your life hating people for having different views than yours? Happy? Healthy? Wealthy? My guess is no because with so much hatred you get nothing but cancer, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, thrombosis etc, while the people you hate are living it up. And don’t forget, all of you will have to end up in the nursing home some day if you’re lucky enough to get that old. Will you go there with your guns? ’cause guess who will be making you eat your shit? that’s right…every dog has his day. Happy new year y’all

Wow, that’s a lot of stupid. I’ll address it..

First of all, my life is pretty damned good. I have a great home, a terrific family, and I make a ridiculous amount of money. Yeah, I had a few bouts of skin cancer, but otherwise, I’m fairly healthy. Thanks for asking.

Second, I don’t hate people with different views than mine. That’s a blanket statement. I hate Chris Matthews, but he’s a hateful man, so hating him is okay. I don’t hate Chris Matthews’ brother, but I did giggle a little bit when I heard he was arrested. By the way, Bubbles, Matthews’ brother is a Republican. Kind of puts a dent into your argument, dontcha think?

Oh, nice hypocritical comment at the end. You lambast me for “hating people for having different views” than mine, yet you seem to look forward to making me (and other gun owners) “eat my shit.” Sounds like you hate people with different views than yours, Bubby.

And finally, Bubba should probably refrain from making stupid, hate-filled comments from work. See, this rocket scientist works for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (NYCHHC). I know that because he used his work e-mail addy here. I wonder what his supervisors would think of his comments. Comments detailing what he would do (or like to do) to people in nursing homes – considering he works for one.

Maybe I’ll publish his e-mail address – or forward this to his work. I haven’t decided.

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