Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hate Mail O' The Week

It’s been four weeks since I received a nice piece of hate mail. Either the haters are slipping, or I’m not nearly as offensive as I think I am.

This succinct piece of literary brilliance comes to us from Buda, who resides in Britain. Judging by his name and his e-mail address, I would surmise he is a member of the recent Islamic invasion migration there. He sent this comment in reply to this post, that explained the virus that struck the blog. After reading the comment, I don’t see a correlation, but rationality has never been a feature of trolls. Here is the comment, unedited for your pleasure:

i hate weapons

i hate war

i hate money

i hate USA

i hate lifes for oil

Wow. Like most of my hate mail, this is a grammatical abortion, perfect for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Buda starts out well, claiming he hates war (who doesn’t?), but immediately goes into Pants On Fire Mode. If Buda really hated money, he wouldn’t have a computer – and I wouldn’t have to read his verbal diarrhea. Of course, like a lot of trolls, Buda “hate USA.” Yeah dude, get in line; I think it starts in Saudi Arabia.

Buda then finishes with a flourish: “i hate lifes for oil.” At least he follows the DNC playbook to the letter. For the last time, none of the coalition countries went to war for oil. If we did, we’d be paying $2.00 a gallon for gas now, you jackass!

Although, in fairness, I wouldn’t mind if we sacrificed Buda’s life for oil. He’s certainly not doing anything productive with it.

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