Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hate Mail O' The Week

This week’s hate mail is from a local woman named Mahoghany, who was butthurt about this post, where a Philadelphia man shot and killed a home invader. A man who, spade in hand, forced his way into the gun owner’s home, and climbed to stairs, approaching the resident.

Her Shakespearean diatribe is below, unedited for your reading pleasure.

that intruder had a family as well and to shoot 3 times in the chest seems a bit aggressive, he could have easily shot him in the leg and called the cops, how dare you all give praise to someone being killed no matter the reason, a persons life is more valuable than any of the material things that may have been in the house!!!!!!!!!

Bless her heart. Weapons-grade stupid like this deserves a retort.

Dear Mahoghany (if that is your real name), Philadelphia is a dangerous place. Last year, your fellow Obama voters killed 337 people. As a result, some citizens have decided to arm themselves; mostly because they give serious bodily injury “down twinkles.”

Now, concerning your galactically ignorant comments, the thug still has a family; they just don’t have him anymore. Whose fault is that? If Spadey McRobberson had gone to a job interview instead of a stranger’s home, he would still be alive today.

But no, thug boy decided to rob an innocent man’s house; and he did not choose wisely.

As far as the “aggressive” comment, I would argue the homeowner used restraint. A revolver holds six rounds, and a semi-automatic handgun holds more than that. The homeowner fired only three times, which was arguably just enough to stop the threat. He didn’t empty his gun into the fine, upstanding citizen, but if he did, he would be well within his rights.

As far as shooting him in the leg and calling the police? Cut back on the CSI, sweetie. It’s difficult enough hitting a stationary target, let alone one charging you with a shovel. It is heartening, however, that when someone comes at you with a spade, you will stop him with the awesome power of your mind.

Take heart, Buttercup, I do agree with you on one thing. A person’s life is more important than any of the material things that may have been in the house. Thanks to his quick thinking (and his gun), the homeowner is still alive today. And as a bonus, he didn’t even lose any of his material possessions!

It’s win-freakin’-win!

There, I am now finished educating you. You’re dismissed.

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