Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hate Mail O' The Week

This week’s hate mail comes from “M. Brown.” M is responding to an article I linked in November, 2008. November. 2008! Clearly, he was so incensed he had to respond… five years later.

M’s e-mail is below, unedited, save for the asterisks:

First of all I wanna say f*ck you and you need to watch what the f*ck you put up on your site my brother was murdered by Philadelphia police I have his autopsy report and there is no mention of gunshot residue on his body and f*ck all the other idiots that posted on this that are influenced by propaganda and don’t know the facts before they crucify a person in the media…my family has still not seen a gun that he supposedly shot 3 times at officers and he was not an idiot. My brother was not a saint and very troubled we went thru hell as kids and I’m not making excuses for his crimes you do the crime you pay the price but don’t disrespect my brothers life when you don’t have all the facts I do…so if you have some concrete evidence fine if not SHut ya f*cking mouth this man was my brother, a father,a son someones child a f*cking human being that no one in your tax brackett gave a f*ck about regardless….feel free to contact me! His loving brother who won’t rest til justice is served.

Wow, someone wasn’t invited to the National Grammar Rodeo. You can read the media report of Mr. Norman’s demise at the above link and come to your own conclusions. I’ll simply add two important items. First, a coroner’s report will not list whether gunpowder residue was found. That information would be included on the Crime Scene Unit’s report. Second, Mr. Norman’s gun would be recovered and held as evidence. It would not be shown to a victim’s – and definitely not the offender’s – family. You know, because it’s evidence.

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