Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekend Caption Contest

"Cirque de So-Gay Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

Original Caption: Cirque du Soleil artists perform during the "Delirium" show presentation in Lisbon's Atlantic pavillion November 28, 2007.

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Right Pundits (I WON here last week!!!)
Rodney Dill (I took 3rd Place here last week!)

Top Five Entries:
5. You ever see in the "straight" circus, the act where there's a little car and all the clowns come rolling out of it? These guys have the same act, just without the little car. - Vincent Antonelli
4. 300: The Musical! - Crankipants
3. Gay snow flake falls in San Francisco. - VampireKlown
2. NFL teams are starting to put together more elaborate defenses in an attempt to slow the Patriots Tom Brady and Randy Moss show. - Rodney Dill

WINNER! - The Star of Gayvid! - Deathlok

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