Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cleaving The Site In Two

After a week or two of careful consideration, I will be changing platforms and posting at the new WordPress site Friday morning. While Blogger has been very good to me these past ten years, it's woefully outdated and does not offer the features I need. So I'm loading up the truck and moving to Beverly... Hills, that is.

Support Your Local Gunfighter will remain here unmolested. I am not about to delete ten years of work.

I'm posting this now to give everyone a heads up. The new site isn't ready yet - I'm still playing around with the template and the colors - but The O.K. Corral will be open for business Friday morning.

I'd appreciate if y'all followed me there.

UPDATE: We're open for business!


  1. Yep, I'm ready to saddle up once I find my chaps.

  2. Metoo - I'd ask if they were assless chaps, but that's redundant. ALl chaps are assless.

    Kari - Don't get too excited. I don't have a good writer there. It's just me.

    1. What?!? You are an amazing writer :)

    2. I hope you're not driving while doing that much drinking.

  3. Mmmmm, Rihanna's legs being wide open. That sounds inviting as long as she doesn't speak.

  4. Cleavage happening Friday...check!

  5. Ingineer - Agreed. She's hot in a dirty kind of way, but she is dumber than a government employee. Oh wait...

    Proof - Crap, now I need to add a cleavage pic in my first post.

  6. Colors? Colors? Bloggers don't use Colors? There are no Colors in Blogging. Now get out there, do a split and jiggle your tits....and do it like a man Gosh Dammit.

  7. Rob - But my manzier is in the laundry!