Thursday, July 28, 2005

Over There: A Review

My TiVo is not gonna be able to handle the extra work.

I already have a Season Pass for "Battlestar Galactica," "Smallville," and "24." Now it looks like the new FX series, "Over There" will be working its way into my rotation. Over There, which premiered last night, takes a dramatic look into the War in Iraq. The series begins with a squad of green recruits dumped into a battle (and subsequent stalemate) they never expected. Most of the episode focuses upon the week-long firefight with insurgents (read: bad guys) holed up in a mosque, but the final ten minutes conclude with a gruesome plot twist.

The series is produced by Steven Bochco, and stars Josh Henderson (as gung-ho Texan Bo Ryder) and Erik Palladino (as the gruff "Sergeant Scream").

I really enjoyed the first episode of Over There, and am looking forward to next week's show. Of course, I was never a soldier, and cannot speak upon the program's authenticity. (I'll leave that to the professionals like Dr. Phat Tony.) In my opinion, however, Over There deserves a shot. As long as the series doesn't get preachy and anti-Bush, that is.


  1. I enjoyed Over There as well. I will be checking it out as long as it does not run against 24.

  2. I haven't seen it yet. I'll give it a shot though.

  3. TM - I agree. Nothing interferes with Jack Bauer.

    Doc - It was very god. You should like it.

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