Monday, July 25, 2005

Stupid Questions

I am currently watching Seinfeld, so I have to ask: Would Babu Bhat (pictured, left) be on the FAA's "No-Fly List?"

What was the point of the NHL lockout? The players settled for a salary cap much less than was proposed months ago! (I'll post about that tomorrow.)

With today's splintering of the AFL-CIO, are Democrats jumping out of their high-rise windows ?

Why was NBC's Joey not cancelled? And who the hell is in charge of programming over there? "I have an idea, Mr. Chairman, why don't we do a Friends spin-off with the most annoying character?" Good plan, Einstein.

I watch golf on television (shut it!), and here's a question I want answered: If ABC is going through the effort of televising a "dream" golf match, why would they show the first hour on ESPN2? Cripes, it just came on, and I missed the first four holes!

Finally, can someone please tar, feather, and gag Skip Bayless of ESPN2's "1st and 10?" I had the misfortune of catching some of his show today, just in time for him to tell the world that Lance Armstrong is a great "endurance" athlete, but couldn't be spoken in the same breath as Jordan or Ali. Hey Skip, please enjoy a nice, cool glass of shut the hell up!


  1. Well, you didn't disable comments for THIS post!

    I would NEVER accuse you of fishing for complements, Wyatt...

    YOU HAM!

    Just kidding.

    I'm still elated about Lance Armstrong kicking so much Frog arse, so I may sound more "special" than usual.

  2. Oh, scary thought.

    The guy who plays Joey, Matt LeBlanc, is the only pro-Bushie in the cast!

    I hated Chandler the most, personally... And Monica... And...