Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Green Bile

(Editor's note: If you're stopping by SYLG today for some of my usual comedic stylings, log off now. Today is not about laughs; it's about bile. You've been warned.)

I'm pretty pissed off.

On Wednesday, Katey wrote a moving piece about Philadelphia police officer Gennaro Pellegrini, who was killed in action in Iraq on Tuesday. I didn't post about Gerry because a.) I didn't know him personally, and b.) because Kate did such a fine job. If Officer Pellegrini was half the cop that others say he was, the Department is much worse off today.

Unfortunately at a time like this, the liberal hacks come out of the woodwork with their personal views on the War in Iraq. Philadelphia Daily News "writer" Will Bunch is King of the Hacks. Bunch has a blog which profiled the life and times of Officer Pellegrini. Or so he thought. In actuality, Bunch's piece is a hatchet job of Pellegrini, our troops, and the Bush administration. The post begins with statements attributed to Pellegrini which are critical of the war:

"This isn't a war they're giving us over there - this is policing stuff," he told us.

Of course, since Gerry gave the ultimate sacrifice, no one can determine if he ever actually said these things. And it gets worse from there. Bunch mixes alleged facts with his own personal views (like most in the MSM) to get his point across: that the War in Iraq is immoral and not worth fighting. The "writer" finishes his story in this fashion:

"We pray for his soul and for his family. In the ring, Gennaro Pellegrini was nearly unbeaten. But he knew Iraq was the opponent he couldn't size up, and so this was the bout that he did not want. And now a true contender has been cut down -- for good.

And for what?"

For what? FOR WHAT??? Are you kidding me????? Gennaro Pellegrini died fighting for freedom! I don't expect a "writer" for Philly's most liberal rag to understand.

When my time comes, I hope I can go out as honorably.


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  2. Wyatt, I’m sick and tired of the LIBeral media and their blatant lies. I’ve been e-mailing Gennaro regularly since January. Words could never convey how much Gennaro Pellegrino, a great American Hero, has come to mean to me.

    We’ve actually discussed this very topic. I can’t remember the exact wording, but I promise you Gennaro NEVER talked the way the LIBs are purporting; at least not to me. He spoke about his comrades, as well as pride and duty. While LIBerals may know how to spell those words, they surely know nothing about the true meaning of them.

  3. What a disgrace that they use the death of a police officer/soldier as an exploitive propaganda tool.

    Keep giving them hell though Wyatt.

  4. Gennaro was a very special man - extraordinary and it showed. He touched so many lives on his short time here and will NEVER be forgotten.

    Through the many emails that we exchanged, Gerry NEVER complained about the job he had to do. NEVER. He mentioned on several occasions that things were starting to get worse as far as bombings, etc.

    I tried everything I could when writing to him to take his mind off of being in Iraq. I emailed in great length about the things that were going on in Philadelphia and looked for any boxing news I could find. I mentioned people on the Dome, and always asked if he was getting enough mail or needed anything at all.

    Although he said he and the other soldiers had plenty there and they shared everything, I still wanted to help out. I sent Gerry a bunch of phone cards so he could stay in touch with his family and get to hear their voices and tell them he loved them.

    The Liberal Media is a disgrace, and instead of disrespecting Gennaro in death, they should honor him and thank him for the hero that he is. Without him, without those that are over in that God forsaken country, they wouldn't have the freedoms they do.

    R.I.P. Gennaro. You will be forever missed. :(

    Sorry for the long, winded reply.

  5. Thanks guys, I thought I was the only one outraged!

  6. No Wyatt. You are definitely NOT alone in your outrage.