Sunday, August 14, 2005

He's Grrrrr-ating!

I've had alls I can stands, and I can't stands no more. Once again, that jackass Tony Stewart ruined my Sunday by winning today's NASCAR race at Watkins Glen, NY. It is the fifth time he has won in the last seven races! The win, however, was only part of my brain hemorrhage. Stewart also completely dominated the event, leading 83 of the 92 laps, and extending his overall points lead to 105.

I hate him.

The television broadcast on NBC - whose announce team sucks worse than Fox's - was kissing Stewart's ass for most of the four hour debacle, and proclaimed Stewart the new King of the Road Course. (An affront I could not tolerate, since even his detractors know that Jeff Gordon is the best road racer in NASCAR.) Tony Stewart is a terrific driver, I'll give him that, but (as the above cartoon shows) his attitude needs a major adjustment - preferably with a size 12 across his posterior.

My problem with Stewart is that he does whatever it takes to win, which I usually admire, but he's such a wiseass while doing it. For example, during the last two restarts after a caution flag, Stewart obviously hit his breaks as the green flag waved. This caused all of the cars behind him to "check up" by tapping their brakes, which gave Stewart a jump on the rest of the field. The toads at NBC (yeah, I'm looking at you Dallenbach) gave him a free pass and claimed they didn't see anything . . . twice!!! (Psst! Hey guys, it's your job to watch the race!!!) Maybe I'm just bitter that Jeff Gordon will be on the outside looking in on the championship race for the first time in his career, but I'm at the point now that I want anyone but Stewart to win.

God, he's such a smarmy little bastard.


  1. Hey, buddy...

    Stick to hockey; at least that's exciting! :p

  2. That's right - Keep tap dancing on the land mine.

  3. GN - You are always welcome here, sir! As much as it pained me, I admitted that Stewart was a terrific driver. I think JG's demise is making me extra surly.

  4. At least we can both agree on Bobby Labonte!

    BTW, I recently noticed that my Blogger 'profile' lacked gender identification. Although I'm an encouragable tomboy, my old man will verify that I'm all woman.

  5. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

    You're a chick???

    Look lady, I don't have any more room for internet broads, and Katey is VERY jealous!!! (Kidding!)

    How is a woman NOT a fan of Jeff Gordon? I thought you gals thought he was "dreamy?"

  6. Like Gordon & Stewart, I also raced karts. It takes more than a pretty face to impress me. ;)