Sunday, August 21, 2005

If I Wasn't Married . . .

. . . this is just the kind of girl I'd like to bring home to mom.

Her name is Katie Nauta (or, if you prefer, "Naut-y") and the model-turned-arse kicker will be co-staring in The Transporter 2 next month. Her role as the scantily-clad assassin has gotten her noticed by people whose opinions actually count (read: not mine), because she also landed a role in the 2006 X-Men sequel. Note to Bill: we are so going to see this film!


  1. Blah, she's not that hot. Kirsten is hot; Katerina is hotter.

  2. She looks "manly".

  3. The Bond films are legendary for mixing beauty and bullets. Remember Xenia Onatop from Goldeneye?

  4. Anon - Nah, Kirsten is yesterday's news. I'm SO over her now.

    CUG - Precisely!

    Insolublog - Abso-diddly-doodly! Famke Janssen, aka Jean Grey from X-Men. Hubba hubba!

  5. I am reminded of an Adam Sandler quote: "So hot, want to touch the hiney."