Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's Funny When It Happens To Them

For the past few weeks my division has been getting its ass kicked by one lone scumbag. He has been responsible for over a dozen "smash and grab" burglaries in two districts. After breaking the store's window, he leaps inside, takes the register, and flees with it and any cash inside. Simply put, he's been embarrassing the hell out of the police.

The adjoining district caught him inside a store last week, and he escaped our grasp by assaulting an officer. The district caught the scumbag's floozy girlfriend, and confiscated his vehicle, but that's about it. When interviewed, the floozy told detectives that the scumbag "wasn't going back to jail. He'll fight the cops first."

Good. I love a challenge.

Fast forward to this past weekend. The scumbag is driving in the Kensington section of the city, when he is seen by a patrol car. The officer tries to stop the scumbag's car, but he takes off. After a long pursuit (Hooray! Pursuit!!), the scumbag's car hits the curb and stops. The officers exit their car and approach the vehicle, when the scumbag fires a round at police. The round misses, but he then puts his car in reverse, and hits one officer with his rear bumper, knocking him into the air. The injured officer's partner fires at the scumbag, hitting him in the shoulder. Scumbag arrested. Justice done.

See? Sometimes karma works in favor of the good guys.


  1. No Karma would have scumbag getting shot somewhere other than the shoulder. Like in his balls so that he couldn't reproduce.

  2. Agreed. One more reason that cops should plink (go to the pistol range - for you civilians) more often.

  3. See Karma doesn't work. Maybe next time they could aim for the head, there is no reproducing after a head shot either!!

    on a side note, maybe I'm an idiot but what does "Utorok" mean? It is in your date line. Thanks

  4. The proper application of lead therapy by a professional field surgeon, leads to a zero percent rate of recidivism and enormous tax savings.

  5. Yeah, what Insol. said.

    How is the "flying cop?" OK, I hope.

  6. Steve - I changed the date and months (in the archives) from English to Slovak (of which I am one). I did it for the change, and I thought it was cool. "Utorok" means Tuesday.

    Insolublog - Never heard it put quite that way. Love it!

    GunnNutt - All the officers are fine, thank God.