Monday, August 08, 2005

Stupid Questions

(Mrs. Earp (right) with her friend Maryanne in uber-hot mode.)

I get this one all the time: Who in their right mind would marry a loser like me? (See above.) This pic is a couple years old - and she's gonna murder me for posting it - but she still looks the same (sans the "high hair").

Are the Camden Riversharks losing on purpose? My friend Bill and I have a partial season ticket plan, and the Sharks haven't won when we have been in attendance in over a month!

Why is bowling so difficult? The missus and I went out on a double date last night and wound up in the lanes. I bowled the high game - a 128. (Which, for the bowling illiterate, sucks!)

Does anyone have any suggestions for an anniversary gift for Mrs. Earp? Our eight-year anniversary is tomorrow, and so far, I've got zip. (All ideas are welcome, but remember, I'm shopping on a cop's salary.)

Where did all my readers go? It's been a slow four days, with SYLG averaging only 30-40 hits a day. If I'm boring everyone, please let me know!


  1. Mrs. Earp is a hottie...she's a very pretty woman. BTW, beautiful hair! ;)

    And quit with the loser crap, because after Mrs. E gets done kicking your ass, I'll follow suit and give you a kick for good measure.

    Geez, are ALL men impossible?

  2. Just to clarify - the Sharks are losing when YOU (not we) are in attendance. I went Friday night with my godson and the Sharks clobbered the Surf 13-4.


    P.S. Happy anniversary to you and Saint Mrs. Earp! Eight years - who woulda thunk it! (I had 5 years in the pool...)

  3. Bill - You stink! I am NOT the reason they lose. Maybe it's because our "friend" was in attendance?

    And you only had five years? Nice guy.

  4. You can never go wrong with jewelry. Gets you out of trouble every time. Trust me I know. I've been married for over 20 years.


  5. You want more traffic? Post more pics of Maryanne!

  6. Yes sir, she's a major hottie! (Pause while I see if the wife is around . . . )

  7. Happy anniversary to yo both. :)

  8. Spell check, Kate. Spell check.

  9. Thanks, Katey. I thought you were wishing me well in ebonics.

  10. Happy Anniversary!! Eight years, in today's world that is a long time. But you will have to hurry My beautiful wife and I have 16 yrs. so far.

    I have been on the road and will try and hit your site as much as possible to pad that site meter. ha ha.