Saturday, September 10, 2005

Carnys Built This Country

(The Earp clan, flanked by two NICU docs who took care of Kyle.)

" . . . at least the carny part of it, anyway." - Homer Simpson

Sorry for the late afternoon posting, but today was Frankford-Torresdale Hospital's Annual NICU Reunion Carnival. Every year, the doctors and staff from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit invite all of the children who spent time in the NICU back for a huge party on the hospital grounds. Kyle, my four-year old, spent three days in the unit. He was born six weeks premature, and weighed 5 pounds, eight ounces. Erik, my one and a half-year old, was also a preemie, born four weeks early, but , thankfully, avoided the NICU.

The weather was perfect (sunny and warm) for the event, which included a DJ, a moon bounce, games and prizes, and doctors in the dunk tank. Both of the kids had a terrific time, as did the wife and I (until I heard the Notre Dame-Michigan score on the radio, that is).

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  1. God Bless the NICU nurses...

    I grew very close to our NICU unit in Albuquerque (Presbyteryian Hospital) who saved three of my boys who were all born 3 months early... could'a juggled the little furry rats!

    Glad to hear lil Kyle had a good experience. Must come from good stock eh?

    Kewl post brah...
    (how bout dem Irish!!!)
    sorry bout that, couldn't resist!