Sunday, September 25, 2005

Oops, I Did It Again

Sorry for the lack of postage this weekend, sports fans, but I have been away from the SYLG corporate offices - aka my basement - since Friday night. After relishing the BSG finale, the family and I trekked to the Philadelphia Police Academy for Saturday's Family Day. It was chock full of cool things for a four-year old to do; including playing hockey with the Philadelphia Phantoms mascot, checking out the cool police gear (as well as the helicopter and the new SWAT tank), and demonstrations from the K-9 unit and the motorcycle drill team. My son Kyle loved it.

Last night, I was in South Jersey with my friends for our fantasy hockey draft (*cough* loser *cough*). Unlike some of my other fantasy leagues, the FHL is for mucho dinero. When I won the league three years ago, I took home the pot of $300. NICE!

I am now watching the Eagles look like poo before Bill and I go to our final Riversharks game of the season. But, I should be posting on a regular sked starting tomorrow morning. I'd apologize more, but no one ever reads this drivel on the weekend.


  1. It's cool as long as you catch up on Monday. Hey, can I be part of your family for the next "Police Academy Family Day"? That sounds waaaaay cool!

  2. Sure. I think they allow "mistresses." :)