Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stuart Smalley Needs A Loan

So, I'm listening to the O'Reilly Factor, and I overhear a story about the continuing financial woes of uber-talented (Sarcasm alert!) Al Franken's Air America radio juggernaut.

Allegedly, the powers-that-be are spending money a tad foolishly. For example, they spent millions on a brand new studio for Franken and friends, only to find out that Stuart Smalley won't be using it - he's moving to Minnesota! Ad revenue is way down, and the contracts of the on-air talent are way up.

I would explain further, but O'Reilly has Michelle Malkin (pictured) on the program, and suddenly I can't put a sentence together. Gotta go!


  1. Michelle and I shoot at the same range. Not that it makes me one tenth as gorgeous. Yeah, even straight women think she's hot.

  2. Wow, she plinks, too? Ooh, baby!!

  3. Wyatt, yeah, all I can say is wow. Smart, hot AND can shoot... I guess I'm going to have to rethink that whole stalking idea now.

  4. Hmmm...

    This MishellMalken is a most attractive humanoid. Makes conquering your puny planet seem almost worthwhile...

    Is she willing to date outside her solar system?

  5. Tony B - I should think so. But dangerous chicks intrigue me!

    Mox - The line forms here, chief! As long as you don't mind sloppy earthling seconds, she's all yours! Thanks for conquering my blog!

  6. As my grandfather's clone used to say: "Particle cannons means never having to wait in line, or say you're sorry."


    Perhaps I should have my harem repainted for the new arrival? I'll have to call my friend TekTak, for a robot he knows a lot of interior decorators.