Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stupid Questions

How freaked out are the Democrats after hearing that President Bush has nominated John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

If President Bush is responsible for the looting and violence in New Orleans (as some liberals claim), then why aren't cities like Biloxi, Mississippi spiraling into anarchy?

How can a young man steal a bus to pick up stranded Katrina survivors, collect money for gas, and drive them to safety in Houston, while others whine that they need the federal government to save them?

Isn't it ironic when a wealthy African-American rapper states that "America was set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off, as slow as possible?" I wonder if Barack Obama, Terrell Owens, P-Diddy, Stuart Scott, and Denzel Washington would agree.

And speaking of wealthy African-American rappers, how many people believe that "George Bush doesn't care about black people?" Can somebody please ask that question to Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice? Thanks a bunch.

Is anyone still reading SYLG? I know it's Labor Day Weekend, but my daily hits are at an all-time low. Come on, people, let's get with the program!


  1. It was a slow weekend for everyone.

  2. My hits are low, too.

    It must be a national thing, not just relegated to you.

  3. Slow, indeed.

    I can only assume this is Bush's fault, and somehow related to the illegal war in Iraq.

  4. Doc, Damian, Cug - Good to know. I thought I lost my touch.

    Miriam - Thanks, I appreciate it :)

  5. I have written a whole bunch of stuff and not a single comment yet.

    lwafkmvspq = way too long

  6. I came a couple of times, too. There's either nothing new, or you've posted like 80 times and I'm the last one to leave a comment. I'm stuck in an alternate universe, I think. It's all Bush's fault, indeed.