Monday, October 02, 2006

Back From The "Graves"

It looks like our hockey season has been resurrected.

Two weeks ago, I told y'all about the demise of our hockey team, mere days before the start of the season. Despite Vinnie's best efforts, our future looked grim, and I started to hang up the skates for the year.

And then, I got an e-mail from an unlikely source: Randal Graves.

Randal (aka, my brother) and I got into a very public tiff over a blog post a while back. Things got really, ugly really fast, and I said (and wrote) some terrible things. What can I say? I have a temper. That's not an excuse, it's just what happened. I was wrong, and I admit it. Any whoo, Randal read the blog post about my team's demise and - in a very-big-of-him move - invited me, Vinnie, Badger, and Fish to join his team. We were in a holding pattern until we solidified the roster, but as of today, it looks like we're all in. Lace 'em up!!!

I am not going to defend anything that transpired between myself, my commenters, and Randal, except to say that people who know me know that I am:

1. Opinionated.

2. An a-hole at times.

3. Not a very good person.

When you take those attributes into account, I owe my brother a huge apology - and not a lame-ass blog apology - and I'll talk to him in person. Having said that, I still need to let everyone know that I am sorry for my remarks and my temper tantrum, and I hope Randal will forgive me.

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