Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Clarke Bars Flyers' Progress

Somebody see if Vinnie Antonelli has hanged himself.

According to General Manager Bob Clarke, the Philadelphia Flyers are not going to sign free agent defenseman Brian Leetch as previously rumored. The former Rangers phenom is currently sitting home, while the Flyers defensive core – normally average at best – is riddled with injuries and incompetence.

As usual, Clarke downplayed the rumors:

“It was the agent who released it. We called the agent and said, ‘Look, Rathje might have a long-term problem. We’re just inquiring if Leetch intends to play hockey anymore.’ There are other agents who called us and said they had defensemen, but that’s as far as it went. The agent released it, not us. We haven’t even spoken with Brian.”

So, basically, Clarke has no interest in signing a perennial all-star and guaranteed Hall of Fame defenseman. And people wonder why this team hasn’t won a championship in thirty years.

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