Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kickers I Hate

Thank you very much, jerkass!

Yeah, yeah, I'm back; and I'm really pissed off! I was going to wait until all of the alcohol has completely left my system, but I had to do this first. As I posted here, my "33 Pool" at work is in full swing. So, far, no one's team has hit the magic number yet; although there have been a few "almosts."

So, I'm recovering from another fabulous Man's Weekend by watching the Indianapolis Colts rout the Washington Redskins (sorry, Dave) when I notice that the last Colts score gave them 33 points. Thanks to way too many Alabama Slammers, the neurons didn't fire for a few minutes, but I finally realized "Oh crap, if they don't score again, I'm getting a $600 pot!"

Enter Adam Frakkin' Vinatieri.

It was late in the fourth quarter, and the Colts were winning the game, 33-14. It was over. The 'Skins weren't coming back to win this game. Nevertheless, Colts coach Tony Dungy sent out Vinatieri to kick a meaningless field goal. Asshat. Vinatieri lines up, gets set,and kicks the ball. At the same time, Peyton Manning tries to call timeout. The ball misses wide right, and I'm golden.

Or so I thought.

The idiot refs recognized Manning's timeout, and gave Vinatieri another shot at the field goal. He lined up, got set, and kicked the damn thing through the uprights. $600? Not so much. To add insult to injury, my delightful co-workers called me at home to laugh. Bastards.

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