Friday, October 06, 2006

People I Hate

Kim Myers

Kim Myers is the wife of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher/criminal Brett Myers. On June 23, Kim Myers was allegedly beaten by her drunken 6'4", 240-pound husband on the streets of Boston in front of several witnesses. Brett Myers was arrested that evening, but the Phillies - class organization that they are - allowed Myers to pitch the following day. It looks like they were ahead of the curve. To quote my co-worker Dominic, this "filthy, stinking hole" went before a Boston judge yesterday and asked him to dismiss all charges against her scumbag husband. The judge did so, and once again Brett Myers gets away with allegedly beating his wife. Hey Kim, the next time your husband kicks your ass, don't bother calling 9-1-1, okay? Idiot.

The Philadelphia Flyers

Okay, I don't hate them, per se, but I hate they way they played in their NHL opener last night. I mean, losing to the lowly Penguins - without Evgeni Malkin - by a score of 4-0? Are you friggin' kidding me??? If this is the hockey that the Flyers are going to play, I'll keep rooting for my Rangers this season.

The Neolithic Era

This damned period of time cost us Quizzo this week! The question was a true or false one concerning whether or not there were small human societies during the time. (Like I'm gonna know that after four pints of Guinness!) We guessed wrong, and spent the time laughing at Badger, who told us thmeaningaeaning of "Neolithic."

"Neo, meaning new. And Lithic, meaning Of The Lith."

God, we're brilliant!

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