Sunday, November 05, 2006


So, I’m watching the Michigan game yesterday, and they’re playing Ball State. The Wolverines are favored by 34 points, but if the maize and blue is on television, I’m definitely watching the game. At the end of the first half, the game has the makings of a rout, so I turn on the Penn State game so I can see them lose. They did, and I also got the thrill of seeing one of Joe Pa's own players run him over on the sideline. (Hopefully, he's okay.)

I turn back to the Michigan game, and Ball State scores to make it an 8 point Michigan lead. What the frak??? It seems that Michigan pulled their Eagles/Flyers/Phillies impersonation, and was unable to put a lesser opponent away. With only seconds left, Ball State was driving again for the tie. Thankfully, their final play was broken up in the end zone, and my brain aneurysm was averted.

The Wolverines should still remain number two in the country, especially since the mighty Ohio State barely beat Illinois. Their matchup of the undefeateds is scheduled for November 18th.

And what exactly is the "Ball State" mascot, anyway?

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