Friday, November 17, 2006

People I Hate

There's only room for one group of people this week. Fasten your seatbelts.

Sony Computer Entertainment America

These sons of bitches should be shot . . . then hung . . . then burned beyond all recognition.

"NEW YORK - Die-hard gamers and entrepreneurs prepared to shell out $500 or more for the new PlayStation 3 console that goes on sale Friday, many of them after waiting in line for days despite the likelihood they'd go home empty-handed."

Why would they go empty-handed, you ask? Read on.

"Sony promised 400,000 PS3 machines for the United States on Friday and about 1 million by year's end. Worldwide, it was expecting 2 million this year, half its original projections. Sony has already delayed the European launch until March."

So, basically, they are PURPOSELY releasing HALF the number of consoles it promised, thereby creating a "buzz" about their suckass system. In the meantime, they are screwing their loyal customers for some media hype and P.R. D**kheads!

"At some point we want to get to some degree of normalcy, but that remains to be seen," Tretton told The Associated Press, adding that seeing all the people camped out and lined up for the console "kind of makes all the effort worth it."

Oh, I get it now. Your mind games with the shopping public is "worth it." Watching poor saps sitting outside a frakkin' Best Buy for four days in torrential rain is "worth it." Hearing stories about working parents who can't get their kids a desired Christmas present is "worth it." You sir, are an asshole. (Yeah, I wrote it.)

"Enthusiasm for the PlayStation 3 wasn't dampened by its high price tag — $500 for the basic model with a 20-gigabyte drive and $600 for the 60-gigabyte version, which also has built-in wireless. " (H/T - Yahoo!)

$600??? Frak you! What, are you people pulling a Pearl Harbor all over again? You bastards did this a few years back with PS2, and (eventually) I forgave you. I owned a PlayStation, and currently own a PS2. I wanted a PS3, but I won't pay anything near that rapist price tag. Cripes, I'm 37, and I still think $600 is a ridiculous amount of money!

If you couldn't tell, I am an avid gamer. (Well, less so recently, since blogging takes up a lot of my free time.) As such, I am usually loyal to a system until they screw me. Sony screwed me once, but I won't let them do it again. I was talking to my friend Kevin from Arizona tonight, and he said he was going to look into the XBox 360 for his next game console. I will be right behind him.

SCEA, you people are scumbags.

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