Monday, November 06, 2006

Wyatt Finally Scores!!!

Well, it took three weeks, but my hockey team finally won a game with little effort. Team Harrigan’s – I can write that with pride now, since their sponsorship money came through – victimized the Blue Dogs last night by a score of 10-2. Ouch.

The game had everything; high-scoring, brutal checks, and even two fights. As usual, Randal Graves had a bucket full of points, before he was finally gang-tackled in front of the opposing net. Penalties all around! Vinnie had a few points, Fish played a stifling defense, and I scored my first goal of the season; a blast from the blue line that beat the goalie on the far side. (And by “blast from the blue line,” I mean I was happy the ice shavings didn’t stop the puck before it reached the goal.)

And then there was The Badger.

With a minute and a half in the second period, two guys from the other team rushed our goaltender, and swiped at him with their sticks at the end of the play. Badger, being a tough-minded defenseman, knocked one of the guys on his ass. The guy got up and took a swing at Badger, who unceremoniously knocked him back down on said ass. A scuffle ensued, and when the referees finally cleared the scene, Badger was on top of the guy with a knee in his chest, and the guy was trying to swing at him in vain. (Badger is 6’2”.) The other guy looked like a turtle on his back. Badger -1, Turtle – 0.

After a ridiculously long conference, the referees decided that Badger would receive a minor (two minutes), a double minor (four minutes), and a misconduct (ten minutes). Total time in the penalty box: sixteen minutes. With fifteen minute periods, and only a minute and a half remaining in the second, The Badger would be released from the box with 30 seconds in the game. Once he realized that he was virtually done for the game, the refs let him leave the box and go home. Thankfully for him, he’s going home to his hot librarian girlfriend.

All in all, it was a good showing. Our next game is Wednesday night.

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