Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Locked And Loaded . . . And Zilch

"Man, I am bored. I haven't fired a shot in anger in weeks!" - Private Joker, Full Metal Jacket

Well, the premise was interesting, at least. My partner and I suited up - the vest still fits like a charm! - grabbed an unmarked car, and took drove off to our Robbery/Shooting detail.

Except there wasn't much of either.

What started out as Miami Vice quickly turned into Driving Miss Daisy. The two of us spent four hours driving around the college district chasing squirrels and gawking as co-eds. The only excitement that reared its ugly head was a carjacking. After the call came out, the doers apparently were driving straight toward our location. We waited at the corner, hoping to catch a break, when a patrol car sped by us trying to stop a gold Buick LeSabre - the make, model, and color of the stolen auto. We pulled behind the officer, and jumped out of our car to back him up. We couldn't even get our guns out of the holsters before the officer waved us off. Wrong car. Damnit. One decent call in a 12-hour workday.

Oh, the striking irony? As we were driving back to HQ, we heard there was a stabbing in the next district over. Swell.

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