Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Long Sticky Fingers Of The Law

Lest anyone think I won't rip one of my own - especially when it is TRULY deserved - I give you this story:

Source: Video Catches Philadelphia Officer Shoplifting (NBC10.com)
As if Philadelphia police don't have enough problems with crime and the criticism they've taken for the increasing number of homicides, now they seem to have a problem with allegations of a shoplifting police officer.

The alleged incident reportedly happened at a Rite Aid at American and Lehigh in the West Kensington section of Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon and was all caught by a surveillance camera. Sources told NBC 10 News that an on-duty officer in full uniform was in the store when someone reported he was shoplifting.

According to that police source, the 26th District officer was in the toy aisle and was seen taking action figures and putting them in his pockets. A source at the store, which is in the 26th District, added that he was also taking Matchbox cars.
I highlighted the more ridiculous points of this story in case anyone breezed through it. This toad was on duty and in full uniform when he was stealing children's toys! I guess he thought that either the Rite Aid cameras weren't working, or that Transformers and monster trucks were complimentary for police officers. "Um, I thought we could take some freebies, and since Rite Aid doesn't serve coffee . . . "

Cripes, if he were taking first edition Star Wars figures from 1978 - especially the hard-to-find Boba Fett with the rocket-firing backpack - I could understand. Otherwise, this moron should be arrested and fired, post haste. The last thing my department needs is another dope making the rest of us look bad.

(H/T to Woody for sending me the link.)

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