Monday, March 19, 2007

Stupid Questions

* Why is it that when people talk about who they were in "past lives" they are always someone of great importance? Not every one of these morons could have been a world ruler. You know who I was in a past life? Probably another dim-witted, overweight cop, who couldn't write his way out of a McDonald's bag.

* Does anyone on the left or in the MSM realize that a sitting President has the absolute right to fire federal prosecutors at will? He doesn't need a reason, and he owes no one an explanation, no matter what the conspiracy theorists think.

* How lame must you be if you have become a cricket "hooligan?"
"Some 200 fans Sunday brought down walls and pillars of Dhoni's house, which is under construction, in the eastern city of Ranchi to protest the 26-year-old player's performance in India's shocking defeat in Port of Spain, Trinidad."
I mean, are you kidding me? IT'S CRICKET!!!

Does anyone else miss JAG's Catherine Bell?

FYI: The Caption Contest results will be posted this evening.

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