Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend Caption Contest

"If You Can't Beat It, Bucket!" Caption Contest
(Source: Yahoo!)

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Top 10 Entries:
10. Some people require a bit more than just a paper bag . . . - Roland
9. Mayor Street, Paul Vallas, Council President Verna and PPD Commissioner Johnson listen intently to suggestions on how to decrease violence in the city and its schools! - TrekMedic
8. Tonight's GOP presidential debate is brought to you by . . . CNN and the NY Times. - John D
7. Anti-war protesters have found a more effective way of "beating the drum" and "hiding their head in the sand". - Dr. Phat Tony
6. Wyatt knew he was too into fantasy sports when he found himself drafting a fantasy street performer team. - The Man
5. How do you put 800 pounds of band into 200 pound buckets? - Rodney Dill
4. Introducing The Helen Keller Band! Doesn't matter that they're all playing drum and none of the performers has a guitar, cause they can't hear the music anyway. - Vincent Antonelli
3. Phillies fans prepare for the start of another season. - Randal Graves
2. Jango never really spoke about his parents . . . - Adjustah

WINNER! Budget cuts have hit the Imperial Stormtroopers hard this year. - Pandy

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