Friday, April 20, 2007

Gimme A Ticket For An Aeroplane . . .

The Sinister Six. Your SYLG guest hosts for the next seven days.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my in-laws are taking my family and my brother-in-law’s family to Walt Disney World this week. The seven-day extravaganza begins on Saturday, which means that although I could conceivably have internet access, I am not going to seek it out.

“Well, gosh, Wyatt. Whatever will we do without SYLG? Who will entertain us?”

Good question. Luckily, I have amassed the greatest hive of scum and villainy this side of the Mos Eisley Spaceport to guest blog in my absence. The roll call reads like a Who’s Who of the blogosphere: The Man, RFTR, Fmragtops, JimmyB, Sssteve, and Uber. I shall call them The Sinister Six. You shall call them your new masters of entertainment.

Please give them the attention and respect that you give me. And by that I mean call them racist neo-cons who couldn’t hit funny if they fell out of a boat. What’s the matter? That’s what people say about me!

Any hoo, I’ll be thinking of you while I am spending my birthday in Cinderella’s Castle. Maybe she can give me a birthday lap dance. And, God forbid, if something bad goes down on the flight, make sure you avenge me.


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