Monday, April 16, 2007

Paging Noah

In case you haven't heard, most of the eastern seaboard has been crushed by a nor'easter since Saturday evening. Philadelphia, especially, is getting it's proverbial ass kicked by this storm. After two days of rain, we awoke to find it snowing outside - on April 16. I wonder if this is all part of Al Gore's Global Warming Plan?
The fierce nor'easter that dumped more than four inches of rain on the Philadelphia region yesterday promised high winds, rising rivers, and up to six inches of snow in the mountains today, meteorologists said. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Thanks to Gods' inescapable wrath, my inner sanctum - our full-finished basement - has flooded.

We have a slight crack in our foundation, and occasionally get leaks when the city gets a continuous torrential rainfall. The leak in the foundation is in our laundry room, so the drywall is unaffected, but the water seems from the leak into the carpet, and spreads into the basement area. We had to borrow my mother-in-law's wet-dry vac and her carpet shampooer to suck up all of the water.

We have been doing this (non-stop) since 3pm yesterday afternoon.

I finally took a break for sleep at 4am, and the missus awoke at 6am to take over. Unfortunately for us, it is still raining, and the water is still coming in at a fairly steady pace. Hopefully, we'll be dry before Saturday, when we are scheduled to leave for a week's vacation in Disney World. (Don't worry, I have a list of kickass substitute posters to cover my absence.)

So, if you're not too busy, I could use a little prayer or two to the Man Upstairs. Tell him to stop the frakkin' rain already!!!

P.S. - My fabulous basement is flooded, and yet I am not demanding government relief, nor am I blaming President Bush. Just thought you should know.

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