Monday, April 16, 2007

Stats As Big As Texas!

Well, if I learned nothing else from this week's Yahoo! Fantasy NASCAR competition, I learned that picking the race winner - and a bunch of scrubs - won't do you much good. Only Cookeville Engineers, Carl Edwards Is Hot, and Hillbilly Horsepower had worse weeks than my dumb ass. Damn.

For some bizarre reason, I picked Jeff Burton - whom I would like to throw out of an airlock - to win. He did, much to my chagrin. Oh, I was elated at his point totals, but seeing Fox splatter Burton's annoying/beat-in-the-face wife for the last ten laps almost made me shoot my TV.

Of course, Randal Graves' four drivers finished 2nd, 9th, 10th, and 17th, giving him a week's point total of 312. He moves up to 7th in the standings, just behind Uncle Ray. Not bad, Buckwheat.

RT had a better week than me - by four measly points - and is up to 8th in the standings. jLow is in the cellar. Hopefully, it is drier than mine right now.

The Godfather and Rachel had another great week, and the two are running away together, er, running away with the lead. Crap. Now I have to listen to their gloating all week. Next week, the drivers are in Rachel's neck of the woods: Phoenix.

BTW, the Caption Contest results are posted below!

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