Monday, April 23, 2007

Where Is Wyatt?

Wyatt SAYS he's on vacation, but I wonder...
Maybe he's on a covert mission to smite hippies and clueless liberals!

One can only hope.
Maybe he should start with this moronic asshat:

Dennis Kucinich.

Dig the peace sign? Yeah, he's in it to win, alright.

He's such a pu**y, I'm going to start calling him Denise instead of Dennis (with my sincerest apologies to normal women named Denise).

I'll give Denise credit, however, he is one of the few Dimocrats that has the ovaries to say what he really wants.

Oh if only the Lizard Queen and B. Hussein would be honest and come on board with Denise.
Preach on, Kuci!!

Denise's platform:

1. Create a cabinet level Department of Peace and Nonviolence - Taxpayer funded bongs and shag carpets on the office walls included!

2. Create a a universal not-for-profit health care system which would not only cover all necessary health care (including primary, long-term, prescription drugs, vision care) at NO extra cost
- It's the Algore 2000 platform again - FREE, FREE, FREE!!! YAY!!

3. (This is a real vote-getter here)
A ban on hand guns
- Now how is Wyatt going to stop Philly doughnut bandits? With a sharp stick and a nail file?
Stoopid hippies.
Any way, hopefully we'll be hearing a report that poor Denise was found run over with the tire tracks looking suspiciously like tracks from a Saturn.

Go get em Wyatt!!!
Uhhh... I mean have a good vacation! ;)

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