Saturday, May 05, 2007

I Knight Thee, Sir Loin Of Beef!

Keira Knightley: Hotter than that flaming arrow!

Any time you can watch a film co-starring Keira Knightley, you know it's a good knight. (Heh, I made a punny!) After a very lousy week, I went to Denny's for a movie and some great German beer. On the marquee: 2004's King Arthur, which takes a realistic look at how the legend of the British king and his Knights of the Round Table came to be.

In 400 A.D., the Roman Empire seeped into the British Isles and drafted many of the citizens there into their military. Arthur and his Knights were cavalry officers and are assigned one last mission before earning their freedom: protect an influential Roman family from the invading Saxon horde. Bloodshed results.

Much like Gladiator and 300, King Arthur is replete with epic battle scenes and terrific performances. Stellan Skarsgard is fantastic as the Saxon King Cerdic, and Clive Owen excels in the title role.

Oh yeah, Keira Knightley is pretty nice, too.

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