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Friday, October 26, 2007

You might not want to send hate mail to your boss.

A Philadelphia woman, angered by an unresolved dispute at work, sent her boss a threatening letter.

In short, the letter warned her Muslim boss that bad things will happen to her and her children because of 9/11. (Sooooo, not cool.) The sentence? Eight months of jail. However, given the justice system in Philly, she won't serve a day.

(H/T: News & Observer)

That's not a good way to keep your job is it? It gave me something to think about, though. . .

Things you don't want to say to your boss:

1. My Uncle Anthony (pronounced ant-knee) wants to fit you for some snug fitting concrete shoes.

2. Let me show you my new knife throwing act. Just stand up against that outline of a body.

3. I'm going to MWE and you can suck it!

4. Listen, Darth-dude. You can take that light saber and stick it (choking sound)...

5. President Ahmadinejad, sir...I'm gay.