Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cagney And (Very) Lacy

Listen closely. You can actually hear him hitting puberty.

Obviously, Poland's underwear exhibit is not for pantywaists. Where can I get my tickets?

OPATOWEK, Poland (Feb. 26) - Victoria has no secrets in this Polish town.

In an exhibition that's making some Poles do a double-take, the Museum of Industry in Opatowek has chronicled the evolution of women's underwear from the knee-length knickers and tight corsets of the early 20th century to the skimpy thongs of today.

"Undergarments were pretty much kept well out of sight in the old days," said Ewa Sieranska, curator at the Central Textile Museum in Lodz, which loaned 140 items to the exhibit called "From Pantaloons to G-Strings."

"At the beginning of the 20th century you couldn't show them at all, and later only a little bit, whereas now they're everywhere," she added. (H/T - AOL)

Boy, I really have to stop making fun of Polish people. They are much smarter than I ever gave them credit for, because this exhibit looks awesome! Most American curators would get their panties in a bunch over such a display. Heh, I made a punny. You can keep your King Tut nonsense. I want panties! (Well, I want to see them, not wear them.)

And, before you ask, here's a look at the underwear I usually sport:

Relax, I'm only joking. I don't wear underwear. Commando, baby!

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