Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is Anyone Else Exhausted?

Or is it just me?

I apologize for the post slacking, but today has been a whirlwind, and I have enjoyed a measly three hours of sleep in a day and a half. So, it this drivel doesn't make sense - like any of my posts make sense? - you'll know why.

Here's the chronology of events that led me to the Land of the Living Dead:

11:30pm - After feeling sick for most of the day, Leanne went to the bathroom. I was writing my article for FSM at the time, and when I heard the missus - she's usually a heavy sleeper - I knew we would be taking a trip. I came upstairs and said, "Are we leaving?" She replied, "Yes. My water just broke!"

12:05am - The Jeff Gordon impersonation would have to wait, since the roads were icy, but we were still at the hospital in fifteen minutes. I dropped off the missus and parked the car. When I got back - about ten minutes later, she was still sitting at Registration. Urge to kill rising!

1:00am - Ninety minutes after her water broke, we were escorted to the delivery room. By this time she was pretty surly, and was demanding her epidural, or the head of the anesthesiologist: whichever was easier. Her contractions were already two minutes apart, and I knew we'd be welcoming the boy in short order. Anything would be better than the primal screams and constant berating that was thrown at me. Heh.

1:30am - When it came time to push, Leanne's nurse put the stirrups together, and in the process, dropped the end of the bed on her foot. Ouch! We didn't see her again until after the delivery. The foot wasn't broken, but she was in some real pain.

2:56am - After less than two hours of labor, our third (and final) boy entered the world. I told Leanne that she can never use the "I was in labor with you for 72 hours" line some mothers use. When the doctors asked his name, I turned to the missus and asked, "Yeah, what's his name?" Our list had been whittled down to two choices - Keith and Kevin; she really liked Keith - then pulled a fast one when she replied, "Kevin. Kevin James."

And now, a few things of note before I completely pass out from the long day:
  • Newborn babies come into the world in a lovely shade of blue. It's scary.
  • Ironically, Leanne and I never really celebrated Valentine's Day, because it falls so close to her and Erik's birthday. I guess we'll celebrate it big time now.
  • I have sinned today. After following Weight Watchers to the letter this week, I ate crap for most of the day. I was too tired and hungry to worry about points. My bad.
  • I really appreciate the links and the comments on the previous post. I know I should be sleeping by now, but I didn't want the readers to leave because I wasn't posting. Thanks for staying with me.
And now, I am off to bed.

(Oh, and a H/T to Jim for the cool updated banner at the top of the post!)

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