Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend Caption Contest

Red Menace Caption Contest
(Source: AP)

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Cowboy Blob
Gone Rick Motel
Right Pundits
Rodney Dill (I scored an honorable mention here last week.)
RT (I tied for first place here last week!)



Top Ten Entries:
10. Elmo wants out, man! - Rick
9. I'm the king of the world! - DragonLady474
8. Inmate caught escaping from Sesame Street. - Big White Hat
7. Paparazzi caught a picture of Senator Kennedy trying to leave the alcohol rehab center. - BobG
6. New Breaking and Entering Elmo, complete with wire cutters. - Deathlok
5. After incarceration Tickle-me-Elmo soon became known as Bugger-me-Elmo. - Rodney Dill
4. Unfortunately Elmo's attempt to go over the wall ended tragically. His rotting corpse was left hanging as a reminder to other muppets who thought about trying to escape. - Molly
3. Elmo was overheard saying, "Anybody wanna give me some 'test-tickles?' I just got mine caught on this goddamn wire!" - Uncle Ray
2. George Bush doesn't care about red people. - The Man

WINNER! - B.C.'s Club Gitmo Photoshop.

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