Thursday, March 06, 2008

And Now, NASCAR Shenanigans

Maybe the NASCAR rules Nazis are also registered Democrats?

OK, so let’s get this straight: Carl Edwards keeps his victory in Sunday’s UAW-Dodge 400, but when the Chase for the Sprint Cup rolls around he won’t get credit for that win?

This makes no sense.

Is it a win or isn’t it?

On a day that witnessed the resolution of one contentious situation – Robby Gordon being exonerated for having the wrong nose on his car at Daytona – NASCAR handed down another penalty that only further muddied an already murky body of water.

As a result of finding the oil lid “off” in Edwards’ car following Sunday’s race, NASCAR docked Edwards 100 points, which is too light. They fined and suspended his crew chief for six races, which was predictable. But then NASCAR added this little caveat: If Edwards makes the Chase, which he will, he won’t get the 10-point bonus for this win. (H/T - Yahoo!)

Anyone else confused yet? It's like a lopsided baseball trade that includes "future considerations." Instead, in this case, Carl Edwards may receive a "victory to be taken away later." Unreal. For the most part, NASCAR does right by rules infractions. Sometimes the point and fine penalties are rather small, but they do a good job of policing the sport.

This decision? Not so much.

And speaking of bad decisions . . .

Here are the current standings of our NASCAR Fantasy League as of Sunday. Notables include Rachel (Phoenix Racing), who again is atop the standings and GOP and College (Cookeville Engineers) who is a mere four points out of third place.

Randal Graves and Jim (bRight & Early) are three points away from each other in 6th and 7th place, respectively, with my friend Bill (The Godfather) not far behind them in 9th.

And then there's Maude. My team (The Intimidators) stinks on ice, and has been driving like they were on a sheet of it. I am languishing in 11th place with toads like RT (Vrooooom!) who is stalled at the lucky #13 position. Maybe we can show a little movement this weekend. We'll see.

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