Saturday, March 22, 2008

China Dolls Up For Olympics

And with the eyes of the world on the Communist Capital of the World - "We're just like Cuba . . . without the white, sandy beaches!" - they have to straighten up and fly right. Or do they? My newest FSM article explains . . .

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China from August 8th through August 24th and already there is a whirlwind of controversy afoot. Apparently, many of the member nations are just now realizing that China treats human rights in much the same way as Lindsay Lohan does her liver.

This realization has resulted in a Chinese Fire Drill consisting of denials, threats, and all-around backpedaling from everyone involved. The Chinese foreign ministry states the Tibetan violence is an internal problem that has been contained, and then the ministry sends more troops to the province. Product sponsors have expressed concern over the crackdowns on freedom, and then state that they do not want to force their beliefs on the Chinese people. Human rights organizations are exposing China’s crackdown of the Tibetan cry for freedom, but instead of applying pressure to the PRC, they are appear to be more worried about the Darfur genocide.

Interestingly, Sudan President Omar al-Bashir recently quipped, “Sure, my country is embroiled in continuous violence and obvious genocide, but hey, at least we’re not China!”

While the international media is focusing its attention upon the Chinese rights violations, another despicable piece of chicanery has slipped through their fingers; namely, the camouflage of violations within the athletic events themselves. Here are a few recently exposed examples:

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