Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Florida, Michigan Don't Deserve Revote"

Reply for the Democrat voters in there two states: "Ouch!"

(CNN) -- For two weeks we have watched nearly every political hack from Michigan and Florida hit the airwaves to tell us that voters in those states deserve to have their votes counted, and new elections should be called for and paid by­ the Democratic National Committee.

One word they all keep tossing around is disenfranchisement. Because of this nation's sordid history on the issue of denying African-Americans the right to vote, those calling for a revote know the true power of the word, and just uttering it sort of backs the opposition up.

But folks, I'm sorry. Knowing full well how the two political hacks --­ also called governors of Michigan and Florida -- deliberately chose to ignore the Democratic Party rules and try to leapfrog the other states, I just don't have any compassion for them.

For the record, Martin is not a Republican.

Yes, I do feel sorry for the voters in those two states because their votes should have mattered. It would have been great had they counted. But it was the elected officials in both states who chose to go down this terrible path. Had they just remained where they were, their delegates may have made the difference in this close presidential race between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Damn good point. This race would probably be over if Michigan and Florida hadn't had an outbreak of the "Me, me, mes!"

So we are all supposed to feel sorry for Sens. Carl Levin of Michigan and Bill Nelson of Florida because they want this issue addressed by the DNC, but were they pleading with their governors to not sign the law changing the dates? Nope.

Martin should probably throw Al "I'll sue!" Sharpton in this group as well.

No. Enough. Let's end this madness and tell Florida and Michigan that they had their shot. They blew it. It's time to move on and let the people who know how to play by the rules get on with this process. They made their bed. Now sleep in it. (H/T - CNN)

If I had 100 political discussions with Mr. Martin, we would probably disagree 99 times. That being said, I agree with this position 100%. Florida and Michigan wanted to be the belle of the ball, so they played "frontsies, backsies" with the states voting ahead of them; even though they knew they would be punished. Now, they want a revote? Well, I say, "Hard cheese."

Of course, this sort of shenanigans could all be avoided if the both parties would agree to schedule every primary on one day. That would be a decision that is fair to everyone.

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