Friday, March 21, 2008

The Hawk Will Never Die

But it may be on life support. At the half of the Saint Joseph's-Oklahoma game, the Sooners are up 34-22. Ouch. I mean, I figured the Hawks didn't have much of a chance, but they're losing to a team with a player named Longar Longar. Seriously. Was this man so nice that they named him twice?

Oh, and as an aside, I know that the Hawks are playing terribly, but Verne Lundquist is practically having orgasms describing OU's play. I mean, can you at least pretend you're unbiased? Jerk.

I'll update later . . . if I don't kill myself first.

8:30pm Update: With 13:13 left in the game, Oklahoma is up by 18. Swell.

9:00pm Update: The Hawks closed to within 7 points from being 19 down. 5:30 left in the game. At least they're showing some fight now.

FINAL UPDATE: Oklahoma 72, Saint Joseph's 64. Damn. The Hawks didn't play too poorly, considering, but after losing our ice hockey playoff, it's been a terrible sports week for yours truly. The only thing that will salvage the week is if Villanova loses to Clemson. Um, sorry Uncle Ray.

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