Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's Party Time!

Kegger over at Wyatt's house!!! (Um, it's B.Y.O.B., though.)

Israeli airstrike damages Hamas premier's office

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli aircraft hit the Gaza City building housing the office of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh early Sunday, heavily damaging it.

No one was in the building when it was struck.

Shortly afterward, Israeli aircraft also struck a metal workshop in Gaza City and a house to the south belonging to a member of the military wing of Hamas, according to a CNN producer on the scene.

It was the fifth consecutive day in which Israeli forces launched air and ground operations against militants in northern Gaza, aimed at stopping what Israel says is a steady barrage of rocket fire into its towns. (H/T - CNN)

And, of course, the U.N. is calling on both sides to stop the violence. That's political-speak for "Israel, YOU stop the violence!" Personally, I have no problem with Israel's attacks on Hamas. Scratch that. I applaud Israel's attacks on Hamas. These terrorist toads have been buzzing around Israel like petulant little gnats for far too long. Eventually, anyone would have to snap.

The bad news for Hamas? Instead of breaking Israel down, you pissed them off. The ass kicking will now commence.

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