Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Is Your Life (Sale)

Now, this man is a true entrepreneur.

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A man in Australia is auctioning his life -- his house, his job, his clothes and his friends -- on eBay, after his marriage broke up, saying he wants to start a new life.

Auctioning your friends, huh? I wonder how much I would get for Vinnie, Badger, and Fish?

"It's time to move. A completely fresh start. I want to see where life takes me," Ian Usher, 44, told Australian television on Tuesday from Perth in Western Australia state. Usher said he was auctioning his life as "a package" with his house in Perth valued at around A$420,000 (US$385,000).

On second thought, there's no way my life would come close to garnering $385,000. I wonder if i can auction off my life for a case of Guinness and an autographed photo of Jessica Biel?

"Hi there, my name is Ian Usher, and I have had enough of my life! I don't want it any more! You can have it if you like!," reads his Web site www.alife4sale.com, which has a link to eBay for bidders.

And you just know that this guy is getting bids. Good for him.

Usher said his life auction, which starts on June 22, included not only his house, a car, a motorbike, a jet ski and a spa, but also an introduction to "great friends" and a job at a rug shop in Perth for a trial two-week period.

See, he had me until the job at a rug shop. If he was employed at a race track or a nudie bar, I'd be bidding as we speak.

"When it's over, I will just walk out the front door, take my wallet, my passport and start a new life," he said. (H/T - Reuters)

Ian, with your luck, you'll probably get $400,000 for your life before that harpy you just divorced demands half. Poor bastard.

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